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At Agent Toro, we LIVE phone transfer pre-screened buyers & sellers ready to speak to an agent. Meet leads in real time. You simply pick up your phone & close!

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We provide you with motivated buyers and sellers in your desired business location. We limit the number of realtor partners to only 3 per region. 

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As real estate agents ourselves, we understand the disappointment of lead companies that over-promise and under-deliver. That's why, at Agent Toro, every realtor partner begins with a free trial pilot program. This way, we deliver value to your business from day one, with no strings attached. 


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Since we only work with a limited number of realtors per region, you will be qualified by one of our agent reps to ensure we are a good fit and that we can successfully scale your business.


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Our team will handle the heavy lifting of generating and qualifying leads, transferring them to you via live call connections. Never deal with cold leads again; just pick up your phone and close deals!

The Path to Real Estate Success. We have made it simple to grow your real estate business.

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Whether you are a Solo Agent or Large Team, we can bring your real estate business to the next level. Click below to see if you qualify for Agent Toro lead transfers in your area!

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What are the requirements to join Agent Toro's Realtor Network?

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Wendy C, Tampa, Florida
"Agent Toro has completely transformed my real estate business—no more chasing dead-end leads. I receive live interested prospects directly from their call transfer service. My conversion rates have skyrocketed, and I've reclaimed valuable time to focus on closing deals."

Julia B., San Diego, CA
"I have tried almost every other real estate lead service, and they all wasted my time and money. Agent Toro has blown me away. The leads they connect me with are genuinely interested in speaking with me. It's like having a personal lead generation team working around the clock. If you're serious about growing your real estate business, give Agent Toro a shot."

Andrew C., Jacksonville, FL
"As a luxury realtor, most lead gen providers don't work for me. But the quality of leads I receive from Agent Toro is exceptional, and their customization options ensure I get leads that align with my business criteria. It's a game-changer for agents like me who want to grow and don't have time to go call outbound."

Since we transfer only high-intent, pre-vetted leads, our capacity is limited to a select number of realtors in each region. To join the Agent Toro network, realtors are qualified by one of our Agent reps based on the specific criteria for their region. Contact us to select your region and learn more about the requirements

What happens after I fill out the form?

Our team will review your information, confirm availability in your requested region, and then contact you to discuss next steps


Our lead conversion rate is 4X higher than industry average

How do pay-at-close packages work?

"Pay-at-close" packages, also known as "pay at closing" or "performance-based" packages, are a common pricing model in real estate. With Agent Toro, this means you pay us after a successful property sale or purchase transaction that originated from one of our call transfer leads. 

Charge ahead.

Contact us to learn more about live lead transfers in your region & scale your business.

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Because we have a limited number of realtors per region, one of our agent reps will qualify you to ensure a good fit and successful scaling of your business 


See if you qualify


Your Phone Starts Ringing

Our team handles the heavy lifting of lead generation and nurturing. We connect you live to leads ready to speak with an agent. Say goodbye to cold calls – we provide live phone connections to genuine home buyers and sellers in your market.

Whether you're a Solo Agent or Large Team, we can bring your real estate business to the next level. Click below to see if you qualify for Agent Toro's live transfer lead program in your area!

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 by the Numbers


No, we believe in providing flexibility to our realtor partners. So, no long-term commitments are required when you work with Agent Toro's call transfer service. We understand that the real estate market can be dynamic, and your needs may change. Our service allows you to adapt your subscription based on your business requirements. This means you can start, stop, or pause call transfers anytime. Note that any pauses may result in your regional lead spot being granted to another realtor partner.

Are there any long-term contracts or commitments?

How do I start a free-trial?

Great question, simply fill out the below form to see if your region is available and then we will review your information to get started!

What states do you serve?

We work with real estate professionals in all U.S. states except Alaska and Hawaii.

Ready to scale your Real Estate business?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does your live lead transfer service work?

You sit back while we handle the heavy lifting! We pre-screen all leads and evaluate their buying intent, price range, location preferences, and more. This rigorous screening process effectively filters out casual browsers, ensuring that only motivated buyer and seller leads are phone transferred to you. Once we've identified an interested consumer, your phone will ring, and we seamlessly connect you to the client via a live phone transfer.

Live Connections

Pay-at-close Packages

We're committed to your success, offering pay-at-close packages that align with your goals. With Agent Toro, success isn't just a possibility; it's a guarantee. 

Fully-Vetted Leads

Unlike other services, we prioritize quality over quantity. Our meticulous screening process ensures that every call transfer you receive is qualified and ready to take action. 

No Risk Free Trial

Not sure if we are right for your real estate business. Take us for a test drive. No commitment, no upfront payment or credit card, no gimmicks. We talk a big talk and provide bigger results.

All Agent Toro leads are live-transferred directly to you after requesting to speak with an agent. Never call a cold lead again!
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